Facebook Live: Why Your Business Must Go Live

Why Your Business Should Be Using Facebook Live!

Facebook Live is a way for individuals, public figures, business pages, etc. to share a live video with all of their followers and friends. It is for members to connect with their audience in real time. With the ability for followers to receive notifications when your Live session begins, they can swipe to instantly tune into what you have to say.

Your business should be utilizing Facebook Live as a platform to interact with followers, engaging them in the conversation you are starting. It is a new method of connecting with your audience where anything can happen. This may seem daunting, but it is quite the opposite. The simple nature of a Live session gets people intrigued to watch. With the ability to use filters and draw on screen while Live, you add a fun element to getting your message out.

Facebook Live can make engaging with people around the world simple. You can pose questions for the viewers to answer and they can pose them to you, giving information instantly. With viewing sessions of up to four hours long, there is the potential for lengthy question and answer sessions. Your audience wants to feel like their voice matters, Live lets this happen.

Alternative Ways to use Facebook Live

Some of the best parts about live stretch beyond just a simple question and answer session. People are often off put by having to be face to face with a camera, but you don’t have to have faces in the session! Think about those Tasty videos you already see on Facebook. Live demos in this style can make the process much more comfortable.

Setting the camera feet away and having multiple people participating can allow for a more comfortable session as well. Panning the camera, giving a walk through of facilities and displaying inventory are other great alternatives. Live is a great option for giving tutorials of what your product/service can do.

Capitalize on your Video After your Live Session!

Facebook Live: Why Your Business Must Go Live

Think beyond just your Live session. One of the best ways it can be used is after your session ends. After you have been live, the video is posted to your timeline. So those who missed it can still watch! It also means you can save the video and use it anytime you want. If the session went well, you can use snippets and clips of the best parts to post at a later date. You can utilize the audio of your Live, and you can create gifs to use. This one simple session can provide you with content for weeks, allowing for that hard work to go further!

You Don’t Need a lot of Expensive Equipment, you just have to know what to do!

The only thing you need to create a basic Facebook Live session is your smartphone. You can broadcast right from the palm of your hand. When using a smartphone, it would be best to invest in a tripod and stabilizer setup. Live can be fun for your viewers, but not if you have shaky hands!

Smartphones even have attachable lenses to add different effects to videos. You could add a wide angle attachment to give the audience a better view of the space! One major key to getting a great video is good lighting. You want to make sure your session is well-lit and your viewers can see what is going on. Acquiring either a portable light, or a larger lighting setup, may make a difference on who stays watching during the broadcast.

Facebook Live does not have to be a daunting task, you just have to know what to do! For starters, make sure your followers know that you are going live before it happens. You have to build anticipation so there is interest! Next, make sure you have a general idea of what to say. You do not have to have a memorized script, because improvising can be good. Possibly use note cards out of frame, to help keep a good pace and ensure there is not awkward silence!

We Can Help You!

This new method of interacting with people is something you do not want to miss out on. It is imperative that businesses stay on top of trends in social media, because social media is a main avenue for building customer relationships. New trends are always emerging and people are curious about how they can be used. So businesses must utilize what is popular to keep and expand their presence.

Getting started is challenging. Coming up with the ideas of what to do in your session and purchasing the equipment needed are factors that may halt you. So sometimes it may just be easier to hire someone to do it for you. We know just where you go for this resource! Checkout our partner, Blazing Caribou Studios, where the masters of media can create the enticing Live session your business needs!

Blazing Caribou Studios offers packages of Facebook Live training to teach you the basics of setting up for Facebook Live. This also includes tips on letting your audience know when you’re going live, equipment usage, and an intro to video editing with pointers for creating a fantastic video! They will even teach you about utilizing your video clip after your Live session ends!

Contact them for more information on getting started. The amazing Herd at Blazing Caribou can train you so you can do it yourself, or create videos for you. Start Today!


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