Facebook: How to Find and Utilize your Whale Chart!

What is a Whale Chart?

A Whale Chart is a feature within your Facebook Page that allows you to see when most of your followers are engaging with your page. The data represents times your followers are visiting your page, seeing your posts, looking at photos, etc.

This chart got its name because, well, it looks like a whale! The pattern of interaction on your page from your followers will generally follow this pattern. The lowest points are later at night and early morning. While the highest points will be mid-morning and evenings.

Finding your Whale Chart is Simple!

In order to have access to your Whale Chart you must use a Business Facebook Page and not a Personal Account Page. From that point on it is smooth sailing!

First make sure you are on the homepage. Then look towards the top to find a bar of options. Then select “Insights.”Whale Chart

After the Insights tab loads you will see a summary of activity from the past seven days. Scroll down to the third box on the left hand side. This box should be titled “Post Engagements.” You want to select that box. Whale Chart

You will then see be able to see your Whale Chart. You can even see statistics on how many of your followers are online on particular days! Whale Chart

Now That You Can Find The Data, Learn How To Use It!

The information in your Whale Chart is essential to maximizing your reach whenever you post! The chart shows you the most and least popular times of the day to post. You can then tailor the schedule of posts around that data. Chose the times in which the most followers have been active to ensure a higher organic reach!

You can even use the same strategies for the days of the week! Above the whale chart is data about the days in which most of your followers are online. Post on those popular days and slightly steer away from the “unpopular” days. Be sure to check this data often because it only displays the past seven days of information, and patterns can change!

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