Episode 8: A Sweet Encounter – Nikki Thompson Frazier

Nikki Thompson FrazierToday’s Guest: Nikki Thompson Frazier, mompreneur, and owner of Sweet Encounter Bakery and Café an online and wholesale bakery. The bakery specializes in gluten-free and allergy-friendly desserts because both her daughters have food allergies.

Nikki Thompson Frazier


Nikki is the winner of the 2021 Lansing Built to Last competition for the development of Sweet Encounter Kids Culinary Academy, a monthly kids’ subscription box cooking club and hands-on culinary classes infused with STEM activities designed to educate and cultivate a love for cooking in kids.

From the fond memories of pancakes prepared by her mother in her kitchen with her hair in rollers and her pink rob to creating a legacy of love for her children—cherishing the sweet moments and passing them along to their children Nikki shares wonderful information about her journey. 

What is Nikki reading? Nikki is currently re-reading Built to Last. This along with Good to Great was both required reading when she was in graduate school getting her Masters’s Degree. She considers these both to be great foundational business books.

 Nikki’s Advice: Ask yourself daily, what am I doing well and expand on that, identify what’s not working, and quickly figure out how to fix it.  

It’s also a Mindshift—instead of thinking why is this not working, think this CAN work. 

 How to Contact Nikki Thompson Frazier

Email:  desserts@sweetencounterbakery.com 


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