Episode 75 – True Health Solutions Clinic- Dr. Elena Alawa, D.O.

Dr. Elena AlawaToday’s Guest: Dr. Elena Alawa, D.O, owner of True Heath Solutions Clinic.

Dr. Alawa is a Board-certified internist and Functional Medicine certified physician. She created True Health Solutions Clinic, a private medical practice specializing in functional medicine for women’s and men’s hormone health.

Functional Medicine considers all the possible root causes of symptoms and disease manifestations in order to apply the best possible treatment directly to what is causing the symptoms, as opposed to band-aid the symptoms with prescription medications that do not treat, alter or eradicate the very root causes of symptom manifestation.

Dr. Elena Alawa

How did you come to this decision: this is what you wanted to do, or who you wanted to be?

“I knew I wanted to be a physician since I was 12, and I followed the steps required to accomplish my goal. I practiced internal medicine and pulmonary medicine for 15 years and found that while caring for the sick is a very adrenaline-driven process and recovering from illness is very rewarding, I was actually not providing much preventative care to truly prevent the onset of chronic diseases, but rather provide temporary relief from the acute exacerbation of something chronic.

Also, my personal journey through perimenopause brought along a lot of pain, frustrations, and disappointments with a medical system geared to band-aid the symptoms rather than address the root causes, therefore I am further certified in Functional Medicine and BHRT to implement the right corrective strategies to help myself and many other patients going through perimenopause, menopause, and andropause. ”

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(517) 898-7832


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