Episode 6: World Traveler – Kim Barber

Kim BarberToday’s Guest: Kim Barber, world traveler, and owner of Globetrotter Travel.

Kim is a travel enthusiast, recovering over-packer, and owner of Globetrotter Travel. She’s always loved exploring new destinations, but was bit HARD by the travel bug after her first international trip to Europe and has been passionate about travel ever since.

Kim’s last year of college was spent living in New Zealand and Australia, working for tourism companies, and traveling as much as possible and the experience was life-changing. She returned to Michigan and began working at a travel agency.

Kim BarberKim truly loves helping others plan their dream trips, so Globetrotter Travel was born in April of 2015 and she’s never looked back!

Since that time, Kim has been fortunate to travel to some amazing destinations. She also enjoys passing her own travel experiences on to her travelers and being able to recommend the best activities and accommodations for each individual trip.

Kim’s Advice:

“You cannot win them all.”

It took me a long time to realize that not everyone is my ideal client.

How to Contact Kim Barber

Globetrotter Travel Website



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