Episode 57 – Mother & Earth Boutique – Lynn Ross

Today’s Guest: Lynn Ross, Boss Momma, President and Owner of Mother & Earth Baby Boutique and Toy Shoppe in Old Town. 

From the beginning, the mission of Mother & Earth was to provide natural, sustainable and practical products for growing families. Though their product lines have expanded, they still pride themselves on choosing products and brands that are socially and environmentally ethical, as sustainable as possible, and most of all – safe. Every product has been carefully chosen, researched, tested, and used by staff. 

Listen as Lynn shares about their expansion, the educational events they provide for their consumers along with some of the struggles she experienced as an entrepreneur.

Lynn RossWhat is Lynn reading? 

Think and Grow Rich

Lynn is also listening to a podcast called, It’s effing spiritual for inspiration.

 Lynn’s Advice

Affirmations and talk to ourselves the way we want our kids to talk about themselves.  

 How to Contact Lynn Ross

Phone:  517-721-1868

Website:  www.motherandearth.com 

Facebook and Instagram @motherandearth

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