Episode 44 – Lansing Made -Metro Melik

Metro MelikToday’s Guest: Melik Brown, a father, a dad, a partner, and the fun finder at  Lansing Made

Melik is almost everywhere in Lansing. He will do anything you want to be done. May it be video editing, photography, podcast, voice work commercial, advertising, promotions, public speaking, comedy acting, documentary filming, on-air radio personality, emcee, and more!

He also founded the  517 Day, an event that spotlights the 517 area.

Melik has discovered that there’s a lot to do in Lansing contradicting people that say there’s nothing to do here. He then hired a graphic designer to create the Lansing logo and spent an afternoon creating social media pages and a website. That was the beginning of the story to promote the positive.


Metro Melik

Metro Melik’s mantra is to really give back to the community that has given him great opportunities and experiences. He worked diligently to make the community interconnected. 

The Lansing Made 517 Day celebration will be held on the 14th of May, at Rotary Park, from 2 to 6 pm. Come to a party for the people of the People, by the People. 

This is a free event and you can check out more information at https://517day.com/

What is Melik reading/listening to?

Melik is not reading/listening to anything at the moment other than Adventures in Business podcasts every episode~

Melik’s Advice:

 Keep working towards that goal, otherwise, it will never happen

How to Contact Metro Melik Brown


Email: melik4398@gmail.com







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