Episode 24 – Dr. Mack is In – Dr. Janelle Mackowiak

Janelle MackowiakToday’s Guest: Dr. Janelle Mackowiak, owner of Cherry Blossom Natural Wellness.

Dr. Mack is in the House!  She shares how she combines her skills as a naturopathic physician and chiropractor along with a concentration in herbal medicine.

Are you looking for an alternative way to care for your health and willing to put in the work?  Dr. Janelle is your gal.

Mixing science, health, and humor??  Listen to this amazing episode and learn more about her journey starting her practice.   Quit being sick and tired of being sick and tired!  Invest in yourself and create the habits to live the best life. “Live rather than just exist.”

What is Dr. Mack reading?

Dr. Janelle is re-reading a book titled Emotional First Aid by Guy Winch.

Dr. Janelle’s Advice:

“Don’t take your health for granted.  Make time in your life to be healthy or regain your health.” 

How to Contact Dr. Janelle Mackowiak

Think functional medicine might be for you? Want to learn more? Please start by contacting Dr. Janelle Mackowiak to set up your free 15-minute Discovery Call.


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