Episode 2 – A Passion for Serving: Justine Bell

Today's Guest: Justine Bell (Insurance agent, mother, volunteer, teacher, baker, beekeeper, and all-around superwoman!)

Join us on an adventure as we interview Justine Bell, a MEDICAL INSURANCE AGENT, for Cedar River Insurance.


Insurance is a murky topic with lots of information and choices. Justine's superpower is explaining your options in a really easily understandable way - WITHOUT making you feel stupid. What a breath of fresh air.

Find out why Justine is passionate about helping people with insurance - and why she is so good at it.

She's also a super volunteer. Learn more about Junior League and the LEAP One&ALL Program she is involved with.

What does she want you to know about her? She is imperfect. She's amazing in the pictures, but she is human. She cares.

She loves Lin-Manuel Miranda and would love to have lunch with him.

Justine's Advice (she has two):

"Never stop growing. If you stop growing it's over."

"If you are starting a business, you have to do it in a 2-year time frame."

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