5 Types of Content To Create (Besides Blogs)

When someone tells you that you need to create more content for your website you might groan, wondering how on Earth you’re going to create even more blogs. But, content isn’t just about blogs.

types of content

Hand Slap Moment: In fact, you should be posting content other than blogs.

Not everyone wants to sit and read and frankly, people just don’t have the time. So when it comes to the content you post on your site or across the internet, you need to diversify. 

Here are 5 types of content you can create (besides blogs) to get more people to your site, be engaging, and have some fun. 

Social Posts

There’s no more getting around it, you need to have a social presence. You don’t have to be an Instagram influencer or go viral on Facebook, but you do need to be present on social media and post consistently. Social posts don’t have to be tedious–if you do it right, they can be fun and engaging and help build your brand. 

So, where do you even start? If you’re new to social, here are some ideas for posts. 

  • Product Posts: Feature a product that you sell. These won’t be hard because you probably already have the copy written and a picture ready. Make sure to post a link that people can use to BUY the product. 
  • Polls: Get your audience engaged by asking a question. Get their feedback on a new slogan, ask them what they think of a new product, or have fun and ask something that relates to a trending topic even if it’s not related to your business (don’t do this often, but once in a while shows you’re in tune with what’s going on in the world).
  • Behind the Scenes Posts: Show people you’re “human” by posting pictures of your team at a work, of how your product gets made, or of your team having fun together. Customers want to know there are real people behind the products they love, so show your face! 
  • Blog Posts: Yes, this post is about more than blogs but if you’re writing them, social media is a great place to share them. 

Email Newsletters

This is a piece of content that might seem like a lot of work but is totally worth it. Why? Your customers want to hear from you (just in small doses!). 91% of the public wants to see promotional emails from companies they trust. Trust is the keyword here. Make sure you’re only emailing people who opt in to your email list and don’t spam them. If you create a newsletter with content that is beneficial to your readers, offers unique opportunities, and helps them connect with you, you could see a boost in sales and more interaction with your brand. 

Video Scripts

Video is a really important piece of content but if you’re posting videos, you should also be posting the video transcripts. This is particularly important if you post videos to YouTube but also if you just post them on your website. Posting the script of a video provides search engines with more keywords and phrases and will help your SEO. You can also create a page on your website where you just post your video scripts (hello, already written blog!). 

Brochures/Rack Cards

Print is not dead. Actual print brochures and rack cards are still valuable pieces of collateral, particularly if you regularly attend trade shows, events, or have a brick and mortar store where customers come and go. These pieces of content are great places to share your story, highlight your services, and offer education on your company. They give your potential customers something tangible to hold on to and reference and let’s face it, there’s a large chunk of the population that likes not needing to go online to get information. 

But, if you don’t like the idea of print and have totally embraced the digital life, you can still utilize this type of content with UnoCards. UnoCards are a digital business card that lets you tell your business story in under a minute. They utilize video and combine it with the information you would get on a brochure. Click the link. Check them out. But beware–once you seem them you are going to want one!


Testimonials are a great way to show that you already have customers that trust your work or use your product. A testimonial from another customer removes the risk factor for someone considering using your services. 

A testimonial is not just a review of your product–it’s a review that you choose to highlight the aspects of your business you want to highlight. Reviews could be negative. Testimonials are from those who regularly buy your product. 

You can publish testimonials in creative ways that not only sound good but look good, too. Try creating an image, think of a meme, with the testimonial and an image of your product. You can share these images on your website and across social media. You can also use a plugin on your site that allows you to showcase rotating testimonials. 

Hand Slap Moment: Don’t be shy about asking for testimonials!  You are worth it and people like talking about businesses they like! They won’t be offended, I promise!

Types of Content: The Wrap Up!

See? Creating content isn’t just about writing blogs. If you get creative, you could consistently share content and only write blogs once in a while. 

Let us know some of your favorite content to create! 

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