S2E8 – Caryn Bedford Consulting

Caryn Bedford

Episode Sponsor: Cornerstone Legal Today’s Guest: Caryn Bedford, owner of Caryn Bedford Consulting. Watch on YouTube Caryn has worked in the field of leadership training for many years, and in the last few months has branched out and created her own consulting firm. She concentrated on Leadership Training and Consulting for mid-level managers in all sizes…

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Episode 80 – Lisa Fisher & Associates – Lisa Fisher

Today’s Guest: We have a super adventure today with our co-host Lisa Fisher, the CEO of Lisa Fisher & Associates. Lisa is a professional speaker, certified trainer, and business consultant. And, she is the co-host of the Adventures in Business podcast, which was her vision and dream. Lisa wanted to give business owners, entrepreneurs, and…

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Episode 79 – Entrepreneur Coach – Tom Harris

Tom Harris

Today’s Guest: Tom Harris, Entrepreneur Coach, Educator, Author, and Speaker Tom works strictly with one-person businesses in service professions, otherwise known as solopreneurs.  His focus is on the personal development aspects of entrepreneurship.  Tom employs extensive self-analysis, ongoing personal and business assessments, and idea-generation activities.  He believes that the answers and solutions entrepreneurs look for…

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Episode 76 – Business Consulting Solutions – George Scott

George Scott

Today’s Guest: George Scott, the president, and owner of Business Consulting Solutions, LLC. George understands business as both an owner and a consultant. His company provides consulting services to grow or sell your business.  He has experience as a college instructor and as a business writer, writing numerous articles about various aspects of owning, operating,…

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