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Lansing MomToday’s Guest: Katie Jones, Co-Owner and Founder of Lansing Mom

Katie Jones is the co-owner and founder of Lansing Mom. Katie’s journey began five years ago when burnout from the teaching world prompted her to explore new avenues. Since then, she has successfully launched multiple businesses, including Lansing Mom, the Jones Photo Company, the Jones Company, and Michigan with Kids. 

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Katie is passionate about supporting mothers in their journey and uses her platform to advocate for mental health, capturing the various stages of motherhood through photography.

Lansing Mom is a unique community in the Lansing area that focuses on providing support specifically for mothers. Unlike typical mom communities centered around children, Lansing Mom offers resources, events, and a positive space for mothers to connect. The website serves as a hub for parenting resources, covering topics such as having a baby in the NICU, and collaborates with local businesses like Sparrow to provide mental and physical health care resources.

Join us as we delve into the heart of motherhood, entrepreneurship, and the vibrant community that is Lansing Mom.

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