S2E21 – Red Bike Delivery – Jeremy Hurt

Red Bike DeliveryToday’s Guest: Jeremy Hurt, Founder and CEO of Red Bike Delivery.

Jeremy Hurt is a local entrepreneur and the founder and owner of Red Bike Delivery. Seeking an eco-friendly alternative to popular food delivery apps, Jeremy’s passion for sustainability led him to create Red Bike Delivery—a service that not only delivers food but also contributes to a greener environment.

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Starting as a way to earn money while cycling around Lansing, Jeremy’s humble venture quickly transformed into a mission to save the environment and foster community collaboration. Through his dedication and the overwhelming support he received, Red Bike Delivery grew organically, making it a valuable asset to the Lansing community. 

Currently operating as a one-person business, Jeremy envisions expanding Red Bike Delivery in the future. His plans include streamlining the ordering process through a website and introducing new services like a pedicab for convenient rides around town

Listen to the full episode on [link] to learn more about Jeremy’s incredible journey. Let’s pedal together toward a sustainable and collaborative future

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+1 231-680-0501

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