What is Rebranding Really?

By Amy | December 19, 2021
rebranding showing vintage blueprints and a compass.

Rebranding is Not Just a New Logo Most people think of a new logo or maybe some new colors when they think of a rebrand, but that’s just a refresh of the brand you’ve already got.  A rebrand restructures your entire branding story from the bottom to the top.  It…

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Episode 18: Heart for Serving – Amy Smith

By Amy & Lisa | December 13, 2021

Today’s Guest: Amy Smith, owner of Dazzle Cleaning Service, a company with a Heart for Serving.    Stepping into the role of mother of two children from her husband’s previous marriage, Amy rose above the step-parenting taboo and founded her business so she could work around their schedule.  With her…

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Episode 17: Safety Queen – Tracy Hazel

By Amy & Lisa | December 8, 2021
Tracy Hazel

Today’s Guest: Tracy Hazel, Safety Queen—The critical eye. Owner of Advanced Training and Consulting- Solutions for Safety Training and Safety Management. Tracy has a single mission: to be your “go-to” safety resource. Regardless if you’re a big or small company we want to work with you. We approach each of…

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Episode 16: Gratitude Warrior – Kristine Kuhnert

By Amy & Lisa | December 2, 2021
Kristine Kuhnert

Today’s Guest: Kristine Kuhnert, a gratitude warrior who focuses on the good in the world. Kristine serves as the Director of Ele’s Place-Capital Region. Kristine and her husband, Scott, strongly believe in the mission that no child shall grieve alone and both had witnessed the effects of unresolved childhood grief. …

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The Magician Archetype: TRANSFORM Your Dreams

By Amy | November 30, 2021
Magician Archetype

What Does it Mean to Be a Magician Brand? The Magician transforms lives! The Magician Archetype is all about transformation and making dreams come true. It’s a tall order to fill, but successful Magician brands deliver experiences and products that no one else can. They see things other people can’t and…

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Episode 15: Kristin Ray – Children’s Author and Advocate

By Amy & Lisa | November 29, 2021
Kristin Ray

Today’s Guest: Kristin Ray, Author, Mother, Chronic life multi-tasker Kristin finds “peace in the action” and has her hands in many pots. In her day job, Kristin is a salesperson for Physicians Health Plan. She also found the time to become a self-published author, a wife, and mother of a…

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Episode 14: Heavy Weight Sales Champion – Justin Madar

By Amy & Lisa | November 22, 2021
Justin Madar

Today’s Guest: Justin Madar, Heavy Weight Sales Champion with Meiers, Lombardini Lemanski Insurance. Justin is a producer of commercial, personal lines, and life insurance at Meiers Lombardini Lemanski Insurance.  Caring about helping people and protecting them with one of their biggest investments and having that competitive edge from his early…

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Episode 13: Serial Entrepreneur – Amy Zander

By Amy & Lisa | November 22, 2021
Amy Zander

Today’s guest: Amy Zander is a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur (she’s owned 5 businesses) and is the owner of Zeedia Media. Amy is also an avid supporter of the Local Lansing art scene and The Artist Umbrella. Amy started as a business owner in high school, cleaning a few neighbors’ houses.…

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Which Marketing Analytics REALLY matter?

By Amy | November 8, 2021
marketing analytics

Are marketing analytics really that important? Yes!  They tell you if your work is worth something and give you information about what your customers want.  Those numbers can transform into dollars if you take advantage of what they’re telling you.  Dig into the wealth of information you can access on…

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The Guru Archetype: The Truth Will Set You Free!

By Amy | November 4, 2021
Guru Archetype

The Guru Archetype is wise, intellectual, and good with facts and figures. This brand helps its customers make smarter decisions. We all need a Guru in our life. We trust them because they have the knowledge, experience, and education to back up their claims. Can they be a bit boring?…

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