5 Types of Content To Create (Besides Blogs)

By Amy | April 16, 2020
types of content

When someone tells you that you need to create more content for your website you might groan, wondering how on Earth you’re going to create even more blogs. But, content isn’t just about blogs. Hand Slap Moment: In fact, you should be posting content other than blogs. Not everyone wants…

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Using the Hero’s Journey to Create Content

By Amy | March 23, 2020
Hero's Journey

Did you know that your content, no matter what type of content it is, should be telling a story?  Our brains are hardwired for narrative so it only makes sense that stories would help you better connect with your audience.  There’s so much data to back this up that we…

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Marketing During the Coronavirus

By Amy | March 16, 2020
Marketing During the Coronavirus

How is your business’s marketing during the coronavirus? First, I want to say that I am so heartbroken for all the businesses that have to limit their hours (or shut down). For all the cancelled events, missed opportunities, and your inability to see your loved ones. It it is so…

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Tips for Saying NO and Being More Intentional (From the Experts)

By Amy | March 11, 2020
saying no

If “Busy” is a four-letter word then “No” is a magical, two-letter word that more of us need to work into our vocabularies. While I recently taught you to use the word “busy” sparingly, today I want to teach you to start using the word “no” more often….well, I actually…

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Able Eyes: Video PLUS an Experience You Can Control

By Amy | March 5, 2020
Abel eyes

Able Eyes is a mid-Michigan company doing amazing things with video for people who are on the spectrum and those who have sensory sensitivity. It also helps people with social anxiety and those of us who just want to check out a place before visiting. If you are thinking about…

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What Does My Website Need?

By Amy | February 27, 2020
what does my website need

If you ask a room full of people, “What does my website need?” you will get way too many opinions and more advice than you can handle. Been there. Done that. Building a website is like buying a car. There is the base model that will get you from here…

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“Busy” is the new 4 Letter Word

By Amy | January 31, 2020

What is your favorite 4 letter word? Mine is DAMN! I like it because it’s a cuss word without being too offensive. I also really love the “F” word but I reserve that for times when I really need it.  We can all agree that there are situations when no…

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Tell Your Business Story Through a Short Video with UnoCards

By Amy | January 24, 2020

What the HECK are UnoCards? Not the card game–the videos! Video marketing is really hot right now! Have you incorporated some sort of video element into your marketing strategy yet? I know. It can be scary. Many of us don’t like to see or hear ourselves on video. You need…

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Freelance ‘Fraidy-Cat: Beating Imposter Syndrome

By Amy | December 10, 2019
imposter syndrome

  by Liz Skelton, freelance writer and millennial marketing genius How do you overcome an overwhelming sense of imposter syndrome? When I launched my freelance marketing firm I wasn’t worried about it getting off the ground. I didn’t stress about designing logos, developing a web presence, or going out and…

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The Life of a Content Creator: Working as a Freelance Writer

By Amy | November 14, 2019
freelance writer

by Heather Benton, content creator and freelance writer Remember when the idea of working from home as a freelance writer with a flexible schedule seemed like a far-fetched but idyllic dream? The world for writers has already changed so much between the time I stepped out of my college dorm…

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