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This show is dedicated to the promotion and support of the 517 Lansing, Michigan community. We focus on interviewing people who live, work, and play in Mid-Michigan. A big part of the show is to highlight people and organizations giving back to our great community.

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Join the ranks of hundreds of Lansing community members highlighted on our show! Mayor Andy Schor, Michelle Massey, High Caliber Karting, The Women's Center of Greater Lansing, and many, many more!

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Tom Hamp

Episode 26 – International Entrepreneur – Tom Hamp

By Amy & Lisa | February 14, 2022

Today’s Guest: Tom Hamp, International Entrepreneur, and owner of AdviCoach of Mid-Michigan, as well as Open Book Selling. Utilizing his previous sales experience, Tom and his colleagues started Open Book Selling to fill a gap they were seeing in their clients.  They created a model that helps leverage your business. Experience the #tomhampfactor as he…

Chad Jordan

Episode 25 – Popcorn Connoisseur – Chad Jordan

By Amy & Lisa | February 11, 2022

Today’s Guest: Chad Jordan, Popcorn Connoisseur and owner of Cravings Gourmet Popcorn Not only is his favorite popcorn flavor the Premium Signature Gold, but the wisdom Chad shares with the listeners is also pure gold. Listen as this former football coach shares tips and best practices from coaching his team incorporates them into entrepreneurship. Chad’s…

Dr. Janelle Mackowiak

Episode 24 – Dr. Mack is In – Dr. Janelle Mackowiak

By Amy & Lisa | February 7, 2022

Today’s Guest: Dr. Janelle Mackowiak, owner of Cherry Blossom Natural Wellness. Dr. Mack is in the House!  She shares how she combines her skills as a naturopathic physician and chiropractor along with a concentration in herbal medicine. Are you looking for an alternative way to care for your health and willing to put in the…

Episode 23 – Magical Roofer – Kris Poag

By Amy & Lisa | February 3, 2022

Today’s Guest: Kris Poag, Sales Manager for Weather Vane Roofing, a magical, forward-thinking company. Weather Vane Roofing is on the cutting edge of their industry. They are early adopters when it comes to technology that will automate more and make them more efficient. They always keep their customers’ needs in front of them. Their sales…

Amanda Liford

Episode 22- Recovering Perfectionist – Amanda Liford

By Amy & Lisa | February 1, 2022

Today’s Guest: Amanda Liford, recovering perfectionist, and founder of Easy Life Organizing. Amanda is a professional organizer who feels everything has its place. As a full-blown perfectionist, sometimes she wouldn’t start things until it was polished and perfected!  Being in recovery, she is learning to be open to the random changes in the world. Listen…

Sarah Pierce

Episode 21 – Sarah Pierce – Extreme Community Connector

By Amy & Lisa | January 27, 2022

Today’s Guest: Sarah Pierce, founder of 517 Living. a way for businesses in the 517 area code to grow and connect with their community for FREE! In an ongoing effort to support Greater Lansing Area businesses, organizations, and residents, 517 Living is building a virtual directory of locally owned businesses and local nonprofit organizations. The…

Fae Marguerite

Episode 20: Jamie Chandler – Fairy Florist – Fae Marguerite

By Amy & Lisa | January 10, 2022

Today’s Guest: Jamie Chandler, Hippy, florist, farmer, and founder of Fae Marguerite Floral & Events. Jamie’s passion for responsibly grown and sustainably harvested plants and flowers specializes in seed to vase creations.   Learn about permanent agriculture and other amazing information on being creative and responsible with giving back to our land and environment. You can see…

Amy Phillips

Episode 19: Achieving Zen Through Art – Amy Phillips

By Amy & Lisa | January 6, 2022

Today’s Guest: Amy Phillips, local artist, and owner of Good Vibes Art Studio. Amy is a local artist and has a mobile art studio based out of Okemos, Michigan. Besides having her beautiful abstract art pieces in local art galleries, Amy offers art classes. Amy is a certified happiness coach and her superpower is creating…

Episode 18: Heart for Serving – Amy Smith

By Amy & Lisa | December 13, 2021

Today’s Guest: Amy Smith, owner of Dazzle Cleaning Service, a company with a Heart for Serving.    Stepping into the role of mother of two children from her husband’s previous marriage, Amy rose above the step-parenting taboo and founded her business so she could work around their schedule.  With her amazing team, she continues to…

Tracy Hazel

Episode 17: Safety Queen – Tracy Hazel

By Amy & Lisa | December 8, 2021

Today’s Guest: Tracy Hazel, Safety Queen—The critical eye. Owner of Advanced Training and Consulting- Solutions for Safety Training and Safety Management. Tracy has a single mission: to be your “go-to” safety resource. Regardless if you’re a big or small company we want to work with you. We approach each of our clients with fresh eyes…

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