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Welcome to Adventures in Business - a podcast dedicated to the voices of Lansing's entrepreneurs.

Adventure is not just an action - it’s an attitude.

We will broaden your horizons and understanding of what it is like to be a working person today, in this moment of time on this planet we call Earth.

Grab your passport and join us as we interview a huge variety of today’s professionals in our community.

This show is dedicated to the promotion and support of the 517 Lansing, Michigan community. We focus on interviewing people who live, work, and play in Mid-Michigan.

This is a LABOR OF LOVE for the community we love. It takes a lot of work and resources to produce this show, so while it is not required to be a guest, please consider a $50 donation to cover the cost of your show. We will market the heck out of you - we promise it will be worth it!

Please note: We do not interview owners of MLMs.

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Deardra Westfall

Episode 67 – Nature’s 92 – Deardra Westfall

By Amy & Lisa | August 3, 2022

Today’s Guest: Deardra Westfall, Founder of Nature’s 92. Deardra is a mid-Michigan native and also the owner of a wild-crafted Sea Moss Company called Nature’s 92.  Deardra’s products are so mineral-sufficient, that it corrects mineral shortages as well as inflammation, which is the source of all disease and its reaction. Tune in as Deardra takes us…

Episode 66 – Life Energy Coach – Misty Syts

By Amy & Lisa | July 27, 2022

Today’s Guest: Misty Syts, Certified Life Energy Coach & Course Creator Misty is a two-time cancer survivor and a certified Life and Energy coach, a speaker, and an author. She is passionate about helping people find their purpose and their passion.   Misty trained with some of the best coaches and trainers in this field in…

Eboni Morell

Episode 63 – Hearts Desire CPR Training – Eboni Morell

By Amy & Lisa | July 14, 2022

Today’s Guest: Eboni Morrell, Owner of Hearts Desire C.P.R Training Eboni’s goal is to ensure that each individual is confident in their ability to perform high-quality CPR and knows how to respond to medical emergencies without delay. I cater to medical professionals, daycare providers, businesses & anyone interested in learning these lifesaving skills. Eboni provides…

Royal Scot

Episode 62 – Royal Scot – The Perfect Place to Play

By Amy & Lisa | July 12, 2022

Today’s Guest: Joanie Kilcherman & Amy Densteadt, with Royal Scot Golf and Bowl.  As the event director of Royal Scot, Joanie does it all! Amy is part of the Royal Scot family and volunteers a lot of her time to make sure the business is the best it can be.  Their goal is to make…

Sandy Bauer

Episode 61 – Avante Artistry – Sandy Bauer

By Amy & Lisa | July 7, 2022

Today’s Guest: Sandy Bauer owner of Avante Artistry a permanent makeup artist specializing in microblading. Sandy is a stay-at-home mom turned Cosmetic Tattoo Artist. She also holds an Esthetician License. Join us as we learn what services Sandy provides and what’s to come! She shares what she learned as pieces of advice of under-promise and over-deliver, not burning…

Melanie McNamara

Episode 60 – Life Coach – Melanie McNamara

By Amy & Lisa | July 5, 2022

Today’s Guest: Melanie McNamara, a certified life and weight coach with Melanie McNamara Coaching. Melanie focuses on helping women create an emotional life that helps them reach the next level of freedom they crave.  Listen as Melanie shares why and how she started finding answers on how she could create a life she fell in…

Stephen Bohnet

Episode 59 – Bohnet Electric Company – Stephen Bohnet

By Amy & Lisa | June 30, 2022

Today’s Guest: Stephen Bohnet, President of Bohnet Electric Company and wearer of many hats! FAMILY-OWNED AND OPERATED FOR OVER 110 YEARS… Bohnet Electric Company is a Retail Lighting store and more! They specialize in Contemporary, Traditional, Transitional and Vintage Lighting, Vintage and new Crystal Chandeliers, and Custom Lighting.  Stephen shares the value of culture and…

Chaz Carillo

Episode 58 – David Chapman Agency – Chaz Carillo

By Amy & Lisa | June 28, 2022

Today’s Guest: Chaz Carrillo- Commercial Agent for the David Chapman Agency who focuses on smart business owners and non-profits. Chaz is also relaunching the Hispanic Chamber as the President along with Elizabeth Hernandez, Vice President.  He is also the facilitator for the Lansing Cearusnet Green Team, a local networking group designed around building relationships.  Chaz…

Lynn Ross

Episode 57 – Mother & Earth Boutique – Lynn Ross

By Amy & Lisa | June 23, 2022

Today’s Guest: Lynn Ross, Boss Momma, President and Owner of Mother & Earth Baby Boutique and Toy Shoppe in Old Town.  From the beginning, the mission of Mother & Earth was to provide natural, sustainable and practical products for growing families. Though their product lines have expanded, they still pride themselves on choosing products and…

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