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A podcast dedicated to the 517 Lansing, Michigan Community!

Welcome to Adventures in Business - a podcast dedicated to the voices of Lansing's entrepreneurs.

Adventure is not just an action - it’s an attitude.

We will broaden your horizons and understanding of what it is like to be a working person today, in this moment of time on this planet we call Earth.

Grab your passport and join us as we interview a huge variety of today’s professionals in our community.

This show is dedicated to the promotion and support of the 517 Lansing, Michigan community. We focus on interviewing people who live, work, and play in Mid-Michigan.

This is a LABOR OF LOVE for the community we love. It takes a lot of work and resources to produce this show, so while it is not required to be a guest, please consider a $50 donation to cover the cost of your show. We will market the heck out of you - we promise it will be worth it!

Please note: We do not interview owners of MLMs.

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Community Realty

Episode 50 – Community Realty – Jenn Worthington

By Amy & Lisa | May 31, 2022

Today’s Guest: Jenn Worthington, Broker and Owner of Community Realty, Community Realty Property Management, and Klear Title Jenn has been a licensed real estate agent for over 20 years and has enjoyed a career that is full of adventures from Houston, TX to Lansing, Jenn has experience in all types of markets. Her passion for…

Episode 49 – Greater Lansing Area Moms

By Amy & Lisa | May 26, 2022

Today’s Guests: Christine McCallister and Julie VanAcker, co-founders, co-curators, the moms —  and most importantly, the 2 friends behind Greater Lansing Area Moms Julie and Christine have known each other for many years and started the Greater Lansing Area Moms (GLAM) over a year ago. GLAM is a resource site. They deliver hyper-local resources and community connections…

Amanda Leksche

Episode 48 – Paint Your Poison – Amanda Leksche

By Amy & Lisa | May 24, 2022

Today’s Guest: Amanda Leksche, Owner and Operator of Paint Your Poison Amanda travels to different restaurants, homes, and offices pretty much anywhere and sets up a paint party. This type of flexibility allows her to have the freedom to set up anywhere where people get to enjoy their favorite atmosphere for being creative. Paint your…

Katrina Hofstetter

Episode 47 – Cornerstone Legal – Katrina Hofstetter

By Amy & Lisa | May 19, 2022

Today’s Guest: Katrina Hofstetter, a mom, an Attorney at Law, and Founder of Cornerstone Legal PLLC Katrina is an attorney that helps people to identify and protect their plans and goals for their families. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience, as well as the passion to use what she’d been blessed with to…

Adrienne Gelardi

Episode 46 – Mural Artist – Adrienne Gelardi

By Amy & Lisa | May 17, 2022

Today’s Guest: Adrienne Gelardi, Mural Artist and Freelance Painter at Art of Adrianne Adrienne was a print production artist at a local company before she started painting murals She grew up being influenced by her Michigan surroundings and spent time visiting art fairs and seeing shows in vibrant Southeastern Michigan cities like Plymouth, Ann Arbor,…

Desireé Melfi Bozzo

Episode 45 – Life Out Loud – Desireé Melfi Bozzo

By Amy & Lisa | May 12, 2022

Today’s Guest: Desireé Melfi Bozzo, a wife, a mom, a Consultant, Educator + Podcast Host of Life Out Loud, and a Director at Michigan State University. Desiree is an educator, a truth-teller, a wife, and a mom by day. She works at Michigan State University in the entrepreneurship realm. She loves coaching humans and loves…

Metro Melik

Episode 44 – Lansing Made -Metro Melik

By Amy & Lisa | May 10, 2022

Today’s Guest: Melik Brown, a father, a dad, a partner, and the fun finder at  Lansing Made Melik is almost everywhere in Lansing. He will do anything you want to be done. May it be video editing, photography, podcast, voice work commercial, advertising, promotions, public speaking, comedy acting, documentary filming, on-air radio personality, emcee, and…

Daniel Shinaver

Episode 43 – DS Employment Services – Daniel Shinaver

By Amy & Lisa | May 5, 2022

Today’s Guest: Daniel Shinaver, an employment developer, Owner, and Founder at DS Employment Services, LLC Daniel helps employers find perfect high-tier candidates. He focuses specifically on administrative and management-level candidates. His passion is really for teaching, developing, and showing people the tips and tricks, they can use to get to the next level.  Daniel is a…

Connie Sweet

Episode 42 – Connection Group – Connie Sweet

By Amy & Lisa | May 3, 2022

Today’s Guest: Connie Sweet, Creative, President, and Owner of Connection Group and Connection Graphics.   A graduate of Kendall College of Art and Design, Connie Sweet’s branding and graphic design creations have gained national recognition. Connie founded her first graphic design and website design company, Connection Graphics, LLC, in 1998. In 2017, WBE, WOSB certified, Connection…

Meegan Winters

Episode 41 – Able Eyes – Meegan Winters

By Amy & Lisa | April 28, 2022

Today’s Guest: Meegan Winters, CEO/Co-Founder of Able Eyes. Meegan started her career in Special Education. She served schools in several roles including Teacher in an ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) classroom, Teacher Consultant, Assistive Technology Coordinator, and Assistant Principal. In 2017, she left the school to start Able Eyes. Able Eyes is a virtual tour hosting…

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