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This show is dedicated to the promotion and support of the 517 Lansing, Michigan community. We focus on interviewing people who live, work, and play in Mid-Michigan. A big part of the show is to highlight people and organizations giving back to our great community.

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Join the ranks of hundreds of Lansing community members highlighted on our show! Mayor Andy Schor, Michelle Massey, High Caliber Karting, The Women's Center of Greater Lansing, and many, many more!

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Lansing Art Gallery

S3E1 – Michelle Carlson – Lansing Art Gallery

By Amy | January 17, 2024

Today’s Guest: Michelle Carlson, Executive Director of the Lansing Art Gallery and Education Center. Watch on YouTube HERE Michelle Carlson, Executive Director of the Lansing Art Gallery and Education Center, shares her journey from education coordinator to her current role, highlighting her strong background in community building. The gallery’s mission is vital—supporting Michigan artists and…

S2E42 – M2Speaks – Michelle Massey

By Amy | December 13, 2023

Today’s Guest: Michelle Massey, Founder of M2Speaks Listen to our last episode for Season 2. Thank you for joining us on this adventure. We will be back in January 2024 with all new episodes and guests. Michelle Massey is the visionary founder of M2Speaks, boasting a remarkable 25-year journey in the technology industry.  Watch on…

Andy Schor

S2E41 – Lansing Mayor Andy Schor

By Amy | November 22, 2023

Today’s Guest: Andy Schor, Mayor of Lansing We’re honored to spotlight Mayor Andy Schor, the dynamic force behind Lansing’s transformative journey.  Watch on YOUTUBE HERE Serving as the 52nd mayor, Mayor Schor’s commitment to fostering a diverse, vibrant, and welcoming community has brought about unprecedented growth and positive change. Under his leadership, the city has…

Lansing Mom

S2E40 – Lansing Mom – Katie Jones

By Amy | November 15, 2023

Today’s Guest: Katie Jones, Co-Owner and Founder of Lansing Mom Katie Jones is the co-owner and founder of Lansing Mom. Katie’s journey began five years ago when burnout from the teaching world prompted her to explore new avenues. Since then, she has successfully launched multiple businesses, including Lansing Mom, the Jones Photo Company, the Jones…

Martin Commercial Properties

S2E39 – Martin Commercial Properties

By Amy | November 8, 2023

Today’s Guest: Carson Patten and Samantha Le; Retail brokers at Martin Commercial Properties Carson Patten and Samantha Le are retail brokers at Martin Commercial Properties. Their innovative and energetic strategies are genuine commitment to the mid-Michigan growth, which would set them apart from others. Martin Commercial Properties is a vertically integrated company that specializes in…

S2E38 – Amy & Lisa Love on Lansing

By Amy | October 25, 2023

Today’s guests are OURSELVES! Watch on YouTube HERE Join us as we talk about some of the things we love about Lansing, changes (all good) to our upcoming season 3 of the show, and who want to have on our show next year. Amy talks about her new foray into Pickle Ball, and both hosts…

darla bishop

S2E37 – Author Darla Bishop – How to Afford Everything

By Amy | October 18, 2023

Today’s guest: Dr. Darla Bishop, author of How to Afford Everything and the host of the @My_FinanSIS podcast. Dr. Darla Bishop joined us today to talk about her upcoming book, How to Afford Everything. This book was written for people under 40, who may have come from an underprivileged background, have a stable job now,…

S2E36 – Jake Darnell – Royal Scot Golf & Bowl

By Amy | October 11, 2023

Today’s guest: Jake Darnell, the Bowling Marketing and Promotions Manager at Royal Scot Golf & Bowl.

Period Pick Me Up

S2E35 – Katie Krick – Period Pick Me Up

By Amy | September 27, 2023

Today’s Guest: Katie Krick, Owner and Founder of Period Pick Me Up. Katie Krick is the visionary owner and founder of Period Pick Me Up. Her mission is nothing short of remarkable: to revolutionize the way women experience their periods. Watch on YouTube HERE Katie shares her observations about the disconnect between menstruation and society’s…

Contrasted Content

S2E34 – Sera Reneé – Contrasted Content

By Amy | September 20, 2023

Today’s guest: Sera Reneé, artist and owner of Contrasted Content. Sera Reneé is an emerging mixed media artist & body painter with extensive experience in fine art, installation art, event coordination, mural work, photography, frame design, and even cake decorating. She has transferred body paints onto canvas, canvas work onto cupcakes, and even pastel work…

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