Explorer Archetype Word Bank


Tons of words and phrases we have curated over decades of working with clients, all about being the EXPLORER. Use this document to transform your copy and content into being ON BRAND.

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Instructions on How to Use the Word Bank

  1. Print out the Word Bank and grab your favorite highlighter. Go through each item in the list and highlight the ones that you really like. These are the ones that you feel “speak” to your business and brand.
  2. Then go to thesaurus.com and plug each word into the synonyms field at the top of the page. Write down any synonyms that you also like.
  3. Once this is done, create your own list of your highlighted words and the synonyms to use as your specialized Archetype Word Bank just for your business. Start using these words through your content, website, blog post, social media, etc., and watch your brand transform.