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Grand Ledge Sun TheatreGrand Ledge Sun Theatre

We started working with this charming, one screen, small town theatre in 2013. The owner, Chuck Pantera, was already enjoying wide community support and a few thousand followers on his Facebook page. But he had a problem. There were two theatre Facebook pages, and they weren’t set up as businesses.

We fixed that immediately.

Since then, The Grand Ledge Sun Theatre Facebook page  has further enjoyed a steady increase (40% since 2013 and climbing) of followers and engagement.  Many of their posts have a reach that exceeds their number of followers (Awesome!).

Their Twitter account went from barely alive to an active account and syncs seamlessly with Facebook.

Pie chart of facebook growthpie chart of organic reach

New Website

We worked with Flock Marketing to re-do their website and advertising program. This has given more people access to movie and community information.

The new site has WAY more information then the last one, and was built using WordPress, which provides much better analytics, SEO, owner control and options. And the homepage looks like a movie screen that shows the trailer of the current movie playing. How cool is that?

Sun Theatre Home Page

New Advertising Program

Local Grand Ledge businesses can advertise on the movie screen, and are now featured on the Theatre’s website as well. The Theatre offers an incredibly affordable advertising package to local businesses. If you are not taking advantage of that, you should be!

A Blog!

Chuck didn’t just want to be self-serving and only promote the theatre through Social Media. He wanted to make sure he had the whole community involved. Not to worry, Chuck! Grand Ledge loves you and the Theatre just as much as you love them.

Chuck understood right away, that the best way to get information out to the community was through an active Blog and content management. So,  we started blogging about things close to Chuck’s heart: Shop Local, Special Needs Movies, The Best Popcorn in Town, etc.

Chuck keeps the ticket prices at $4 because in his own words:

“I believe that the experience of going to the movies should be available to everyone.”

Special Events

Back in 2103, the theatre booked an occasional birthday party on a Saturday, once in awhile. Now that the word is steadily getting out to the community and surrounding areas, the theatre is almost booked solid every Saturday and Sunday for parties.

“These parties are great for business because they get people into my neat little theatre, who might not otherwise come. They hang out while the kids are eating pizza and running around and they realize what a great thing we have. Then they come back!”

See! Chuck knows how marketing works because he experiences it every day as his sales and his community reach is increasing all the time through social media marketing.

If you want to experience sales increases and community reach like The Sun Theatre, call Amy at Zeedia Media at 517-320-1568.

Complimentary consultation and reduced rates for Grand Ledge Businesses.

All Body Kneads

The first thing Zeedia Media did for All Body Kneads was to create a comprehensive key word list. This enabled us to do a website audit and make sure all the right key words and phrases were being used. This way, people who were searching for massage services in Lansing would find the website quickly.

After the audit, we launched a yearly blog calendar that included short, informative, and eye catching videos to accompany the blogs. We started with a list of the most common types of jobs in the Lansing area. We featured a different type of job each month, with a blog and video on how massage therapy could benefit those in that type of job. Targeted social media ads supported this effort.

The owner, Bilky, also runs targeted ads and social media posts for different specials and promotions through the year. For example, Couples Massage, for Valentine’s Day and discounts for Mother’s Day.

Safari Club International, Lansing Chapter

The board of directors knew they needed a website. However, they didn’t just want a basic site. They wanted to brand their chapter effectively, within the larger umbrella of the National Organization. They wanted to attract younger members and extend their reach.

We started by having all the board members take the Brand Questionnaire. We compiled their results and brought them all together for a magical Brand Discovery session. Within 2 hours of conducting a strategic brain storming session the board agreed upon The Lover archetype. This is a group of people extremely passionate about hunters’ advocacy and conservation. The amount of passion that The Lover brings to this brand strategy makes complete sense.

Armed with this strategy we went to work right away designing a passion-filled website and built-in widget to produce quick monthly newsletters. This was an important feature since many of the grants that this chapter applies for requires certain information to be posted in a regular newsletter. This also saved them hundreds of dollars and many hours of time each month.

We tackled their lack of social media presence. Until now, they had a Facebook page that wasn’t doing anything and a Twitter account that was just hanging out. We increased the activity, including promoting events and inviting people to member activities. Due to these efforts, their annual fundraising event SOLD OUT in 2019, for the first time ever!